Packing Services

So you’ve sold your house & you’ve got a removal date; what now? Well now it’s time for one of the most time consuming and potentially daunting tasks. The packing!

We understand that our customer’s lives are busier than ever; juggling work and children can add additional work and stress to an already stressful experience.

Our experience has shown that people underestimate the importance of packing and assume that it’s the easiest part of their relocation; but when you consider finding boxes, tape, bubble wrap and packing paper it’s easy to see why most people opt for a packing service.

Packing is an important stage of the removals process because without proper care your beloved belongings can become damaged.

We offer a variety of different packing services which are designed with the customer in mind to help relieve some of the stress; it also ensures that all of your belongings are packed in preparation for your removal.

apex packaging services

Packing services we offer:

  • Full packing service – As the name suggests this service is based on us coming the day prior to your removal to pack all the contents of your property. It also includes all the packing materials required.

  • Part packing – Our part packing service allows the customer to specify which items they would like including. We find that the majority of customers who opt for a part pack would prefer to pack the upstairs themselves, leaving us the downstairs areas.

  • Fragile pack – This is a great package for those customers who have a large amount of china, glass and crockery. By using bubble wrap and packing paper we ensure that everything is wrapped correctly to prevent any breakages during the move.

By choosing Apex Removals to do your packing not only is it one less job for you it also gives you the peace of mind that everything is packed correctly. We use the best quality packaging materials and we can also supply clothes hanging rails for transporting your clothing.

Packing materials

If you would prefer to do the packing yourselves you don’t need to worry about trying to find your own packing material; we can provide you with everything you’ll need to successfully pack your home contents.

You can also get in touch with us if you need any assistance on the best way to pack; we are here to help you anyway we can to ensure a smooth removal.

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